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World Economics - Lords of Poverty, by Lionel Stanbrook.
Neither Oxfam or the USA appear keen to see Rwanda start up a garment business. Here's why...

The Verge - Microsoft is letting employees work from home permanently., by Tom Warren

University of Utah - Our Energy Hunger is Tethered to OUr Economic Past, by Paul Gabrielsen. Just as a living organism continually needs food to maintain itself, an economy consumes energy to do work and keep things going. That consumption comes with the cost of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, though. So, how can we use energy to keep the economy alive without burning out the planet in the process?

OneZero - How "Breaking Up" Apple and Amazon Might Actually Work, by Will Oremus. A banking law from 1956 offers a realistic model for regulating dominant internet platforms.

Evonomics - New Microeconomics: How Evolution Explains Resource Distribution, by Blair Fix.
The opposite of altruistic relations is not selfish relations. It’s power and submission.

In Habitat - Sperry Introduces Shoes Made with Ocean Plastic.

Wallaces Farmer - Wind Energy Surpasses Coal in Iowa, by Rod Swoboda.

Wind is now the largest single source of electrical energy in Iowa, providing 42% of the state’s total electricity generation. That’s more than any other state.

ARS Technica - The Future of Work Looks Like Staying Out of the Office, by Kate Cox

Economics - Emotion and Reasoning in Human Decision-Making, by Edmund T. Rolls.

YouTube - Health Economics, with Greg Martin.

Global health and public health practitioners use Health Economics to better understand the decisions that get made that affect health. Calculating the DALYs averted or QALYs gained for per dollar spent, for example, can help NGOs and Governments decide which health interventions to invest in. These sorts of cost utility and cost effectiveness (economic evaluations) help with decision making.

Bloomberg - Everyone Wants a Piece of Enterprise Tech Companies, by Sarah McBride.

Successful Farming - Indoor Shrimp Farming, by Jerry Perkins. More than 1,700 miles from the ocean, Ralco – the third-generation, family-owned agribusiness headquartered in Marshall, Minnesota – is developing a shrimp-production business.

Evonomics - Evolving the New Economy: Tim O’Reilly and David Sloan Wilson.

Evolutionary theory meets artificial intelligence and the management of algorithms.

Evonomics - Self-Driving Vehicles: What Will Happen to Truck Drivers? By Andrew Yang.

The replacement of drivers will be one of the most dramatic, visible battlegrounds between automation and the human worker.

IIASA - How can we feed the world without overwhelming the planet?

Entrepreneur-Women - 7 Ways to Get From Burnout to Balance, by Nicole Lapin.

Until very recently, if you had asked me to make a list of all the things I valued, it wouldn’t have even occurred to me to put myself on it... Then I had a breakdown.

BBC - Worklife - Burnout is rising in the land of work-life balance, by Maddy Savage.

Sweden is famous for championing a balanced lifestyle, but the number of young people being signed off work with severe stress is mushrooming.

Uplift - Six Habits of Highly Empathic People, by Roman Krznaric.

If you think you’re hearing the word “empathy” everywhere, you’re right. It’s now on the lips of scientists and business leaders, education experts and political activists. But there is a vital question that few people ask: "How can I expand my own empathic potential?"

Graziadio Business Review -
Six Components of a Model for Workplace Spirituality, by Kent Rhodes, EDD.