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Amanpour & Co. - Some Universities Are About to Be “Walking Dead”
An NYU professor of business surmises that because of the effects of the coronavirus, anywhere from one-quarter to almost one-half of universities in the nation may go out of business in the next five to ten years.

U.S.News and World Report - In Science We Still Trust, by Sintia Radu. TRUST IN SCIENCE has always been a controversial topic, with people around the world struggling to discern between evidence, facts and beliefs. Yet with more scientific advancements came more achievements and apparently less skepticism. Today, about 7 in 10 people say they trust scientists, although more than half of the world's population admits it understands little about science.

The Guardian - What is the point of higher education if it doesn’t make people happy? By Jonathan Wolff.
In The Methods of Ethics, a book read only by philosophers with an overdeveloped sense of duty, the late Victorian utilitarian moralist Henry Sidgwick argued that other philosophers of his day were wrong to believe that human beings act only for the sake of their own happiness or pleasure. There is a second spring of human action, he argues: the pursuit of excellence. A poet, a philosopher, or a sportsperson working obsessively may hope to be happy, but, more likely, what matters to them most is what they can achieve.

The Conversation - What’s the point of education? It’s no longer just about getting a job, by Luke Zaphir.

For much of human history, education has served an important purpose, ensuring we have the tools to survive. People need jobs to eat and to have jobs, they need to learn how to work.

Education has been an essential part of every society. But our world is changing and we’re being forced to change with it. So what is the point of education today?

New York Times - You Are What You Watch? The Social Effects of TV, by Jonathan Rothwell. There’s new evidence that viewing habits can affect your thinking, political preferences, even cognitive ability.

Forbes - Emotional Intelligence - EQ, by Travis Bradberry. Emotional Intelligence Is the Other Kind of Smart.

YouTube - Daniel Goleman Introduces Emotional Intelligence. The author explains his theories of emotional intelligence.

New York Times - Taking the Future of Manufacturing Into High Schools, by Nick Leiber.

In early May, in a classroom at Anna High School, five seniors focused on controlling a canary yellow robotic arm. They took turns tapping code into a pendant connected to the arm. Their assignment was to make the arm grab and move a bunch of AA batteries, one by one, from one box to another.

The James G Martin Center - Repairing Academia’s Crisis of Meaning, by Shannon Watkins. Traditionally, higher education introduced students to life’s most fundamental questions: “What is good?”; “What is true?”; “Do our lives have meaning beyond the material?”; and so on.