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Be Awake – Quantum Physics and Consciousness, by Jeanne Mayeux

Physics and God – Quantum Coherence and the Hidden Secret Behind Our Bodies, by Joseph Selbie

Nautilus – Electrons May Very Well Be Conscious, posted by Tam Hunt.

ID the Future – Hungarian Philosopher Philip Goff Partly Right: The Universe Reflects a Mind, Host Sarah Chaffee with Michael Egnor

Aeon – Is the Universe a Conscious Mind?, by Philip Goff.

Beshara Magazine – Panpsychism and the Problem of Consciousness, by Richard Gault.

Erraticus – Sentience, Not Consciousness, Is Key to the Cosmos, by Michael Jawer.

Aeon – Is the Earth an Organism?, by W. Ford Doolittle

YouTube - James Lovelock Explains Gaia Hypothesis on The Sacred Balance, with David Suzuki.

YouTube - The Libertarian Mind, by the CATO Institute, with David Boaz.

Adam Smith Institute - Ten Books Every Libertarian Should Read, by Madsen Pirie.

The Bahai World - Technology, Values, and the Shaping of Social Reality, by Matt Weinberg.

Philosophy Now - About Free Time, by Hugh Hunter.

Closer to Truth - Philosophy of Free Will, A conversation with John Rogers Searle.

New York Times - Taylor Swift, Philosopher of Forgiveness, by Scott Hershovitz.

Aeon - Can you step in the same river twice? Wittgenstein v Heraclitus, by David Egan

On Authority - Works of Frederick Engels, 1872. Translated by Robert C. Tucker. Tran-scribed by Mike Lepore.

Essays by Bakunin - What is Authority?

Science & Nonduality - Nonduality has as many facets as there are human endeavors. Mystics describe the nondual experience in many ways...

YouTube - A Deeper Look, with Marty Wasserman.

A James Hillman interview on the 1993 release of Hillman's book 'We've Had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy — And the World's Getting Worse'

The Public Dicourse - Elizabeth Anscombe’s Philosophy of the Human Person, by Michael Wee.

Elizabeth Anscombe’s philosophical investigation of man’s spiritual nature offers a much-needed antidote to the materialism of our times. For Anscombe, to search for the spiritual is not to look somewhere obscure, but to look at the everyday facts of human life, institutions, and history.

Spirituality & Health - Should You be True to Yourself? by Stuart H. Brody. "And if so, who made “thine own self” the center of the moral universe?"

The New Yorker - What do we meam by evil?, by Rollo Romig. In the hours after the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado...