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It has occurred to me that a visitor to this site might assume an erroneous impression of my inclinations as a result of the catalog of linked articles on this homepage. As such, in your best interest, I will note the following:

This website is about revisioning the landscape of human record for the future. The past is past in all of its complexity. Humanity has evolved – as all living creatures – under the dictates of scarcity in its physical environment. It has been a world where choice was not a luxury, but rather a necessity for survival. We had to habituate ourselves with certain physiological and psychological characteristics that are now embedded deeply within the human body, intellect, and spirit. These characteristics are regarded as truths that shape our social competence and define what and who we are as a species.

A consistent expression within human society believes that humans are different; they have a calling to some perfection of being  that other creatures do not possess, and as such, humanity has built an immensely elaborate and transcendental social structure in which projected rules of perception and engagement have been constructed to focus the minds and hearts of every human being to a hopeful, common purpose.

This primordial configuration has suited humanity well in its quest for some better existence, however, it cannot sustain its good course well on into the future due to the simple fact that humanity is evolving. Our genetically inspired search for knowledge and its resultant technology, is carrying humanity beyond the limitations bound by scarcity, and in doing so, this evolution is slowly rendering many useful historical perceptions and engagements into hinderances to our continued search for tomorrow’s good news. In short, we must admit to and promote the evolution of our truths; a quality we have consistently resisted in our desire for a secure existence.

There will be two qualities that will underpin the linked articles and writings throughout the life of this publication as it seeks to assist in defining the practical, and more importantly, the spiritual, nature of our future.

First, this site will attempt, in its natural course, to disregard political posturing. One might note there has not been, nor will be, political articles on this website; except where they might express some other, more important, social expression in a particular light that reinforces the overall objective of this website. Politics, by nature, has no ends, only means. Politics has no metaphysical, primary position in human communion. In short, politics results from our inability to communicate effectively and thus avoid corruption of the human body and intellect.

Second, this site will attempt, in its natural course, to disregard all duality assumptions and declarations. Duality is corruption, and corruption impedes the natural pace of the evolution of humanity, as well as the universe. This website is dedicated to the truth that nonduality is the consistent form and action of all of creation.

These are two very difficult goals to achieve and maintain. As human, I am subject to the very truths I am hoping to promote change within. Stumbling in my efforts might well become an artform for me. The mission here is to put aside the subject and the object, the something and the nothing, and instead to focus upon that most discounted essence of being - the human spirit.

I pray your patience with me abounds.

Addendum - August 13, 2019.

The linked articles on this website have neither my implicit approval and endorsement, nor my objection and censure. The purpose of the articles being posted here is to present a broad picture in which a diversity of views are expressed; the goal being to enlighten the reader as to the full complexity of any one particular issue, and thus promote an open mind to my personal essays.

Lynn Reese Cumming